Republican for NC State House of Representatives District 88

The Peacock family has deep roots in North Carolina, dating back to the early 1700's in Goldsboro, N.C. Before the War of Independence, Peacock family members served in the North Carolina Colonial Guard, beginning a tradition of public service and patriotism that have continued until today.

Anne Marie moved to Charlotte from the Pacific Northwest five years ago, after retiring from her 22 ½ years in the Army, which included both active duty and National Guard service. An Iraq combat veteran, Anne Marie rose to the rank of Major and earned a Bronze Star for Exceptionally Meritorious Achievement in Iraq during 2003-2004. In addition to her service, Anne Marie's dual-career had been in communications and public relations. 

Before seeking office, Anne Marie volunteered as a Precinct co-Chairman, an Assistant Precinct Organization co-Chairman, and as a poll observer. During the 2020 elections, she worked as part of the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Multi-partisan Assistance Team going to nursing homes to help the elderly cast their vote.

Anne Marie wants to help build a North Carolina that cherishes family values, respects true diversity, has a free and open economy where hard work is rewarded, and where citizens can seek their own American dream, all protected by a limited and efficient State government.

Anne Marie remains centered on her Christian faith and enjoys life coaching with women, building a part-time leadership consulting business, and volunteering her time for several organizations, including the Humane Society of Charlotte. Anne Marie is a credentialed Life & Leadership Coach and holds a Bachelor’s in Communications/PR and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

Three key policy priorities of Anne Marie’s campaign are:

Local Economy & Inflation. Help families who are being hurt by inflation by protecting North Carolina's economy with sensible fiscal policies, and fight back against the destructive policy coming out of the Biden Administration.

Education Reform & Parents Rights. Your tax dollars should follow your child to the school you believe will be the most beneficial for your child. Parents are the final authority on all matters concerning their children and should have free and open access to review any material being used to educate their child.

Crime & Law Enforcement. Rising crime threatens the security of all North Carolinians. Law enforcement officers must be trained to resolve disputes peacefully when possible, but also held to the highest standards of professional conduct when they act to protect the public with force.

Like many of her fellow Americans, Anne Marie wants to return both North Carolina and the United States to the constitutional principles that have protected individual freedom and allowed the State and Nation to grow and prosper. 

In her words, “I know what failed leadership looks like. I know what failed morality looks like. We need to right the ship, and I want to be one of the State House Representatives that will keep North Carolina firmly in-step with the Constitution, especially as the White House pushes their unconstitutional policies. Make no mistake - there is a coordinated effort to ruin our country and we need a Republican super-majority in the NC general assembly to protect ourselves locally.”

Elect a true common-sense Republican to represent the great people of Mecklenburg County, District 88.

Visit the 'Issues' page for more details about Anne Marie's policy views, and how they will directly impact your way of life.