The oath I will take as a North Carolina legislator is nearly identical to the Oath I swore to when I was an Officer in the United States Army. I will always honor my obligation to the United States and North Carolina Constitutions and to the people of Charlotte, and pursue policies that benefit its citizens and our freedoms.

Economic Security
My most urgent priority is to work with all stakeholders to reduce current levels of inflation. Curbing inflation is critical to the well-being of families and businesses. I am committed to protecting the self-employed, businesses and manufacturers from rising costs, while reducing burdensome and unnecessary taxes. I will seek to increase resources and products vital to families, businesses, and manufacturers, and put state laws in place to remedy production gaps and supply chain disruption. I will fight for policies to protect our natural resources and improve our infrastructure to ensure North Carolina is a safe place to live and attracts investment and development.

I will seek ways to reduce the causes of crime while supporting law enforcement to uphold the law and our courts to hold those who commit crimes accountable.

I support public education and using empirically-proven teaching methods to ensure all students are prepared for their post-high school endeavors. Additionally, I support the right of parents to choose where their children are educated with tax dollars that follow the student to the educational institution of their choice. I am committed to parental consent before public, charter and private schools involve any student in medical procedures, counseling, or therapy. I will fight for parental access to review any and all curriculum materials used in their child's classes and the choice to opt out of material they do not think appropriate for their child.

I am committed to supporting state and local programs for veterans to ensure they receive the care they need and to expanding local outreach services.

2nd Amendment
I support the right to keep and bear arms as protected by the North Carolina and Federal Constitutions.

Religious Freedom & Individual Freedom
I will work to protect our freedoms by reforming laws that allowed for government over-reach during COVID. I support enacting comprehensive laws prohibiting vaccine mandates and bar government agencies from tracking and tracing citizens without specific legislation authorization.

Pro Life
Life begins at conception and we are all created in the image of God. I embrace measures to reduce, restrict, and end abortions. Especially critical is funding pro life centers that support women through their entire pregnancy and relieve financial burdens so families can focus on having a safe pregnancy that results in the birth of their healthy child.

Illegal Immigration
I am concerned with the effects of illegal migration on human trafficking, crime, the economy, and reduced employment opportunities for low-income citizens and legal migrants. I will work to ensure North Carolina cities and officials uphold immigration laws and cooperate with Federal immigration law and enforcement agencies.

Limited Government
I will work to reform legislation and limit executive orders which hider the Constitutional rights, freedoms, and privacy of individuals. I fully support prudent emergency efforts to ensure public safety, but only if needed and as long as needed. I am committed to ensuring due diligence before any public safety decision is made to minimize unintended negative consequences and government overreach.

Election Integrity
I am committed to election reform and instituting common-sense voter ID laws to ensure the integrity of elections where each citizens’ vote counts. Ensure all election abuse and fraud are adequately addressed and restore voter confidence with a full state audit.


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